September 21, 2020

Arastradero Preserve | An Intimate COVID Elopement

Dear Diary,

My car window got smashed but I didn’t really care… I’m that serious!? I honestly had the time of my life photographing this elopement where the photos were the only thing I actually cared about! You’ll see why once you scroll down!

All I can say is that this couple was beautiful and was so in LOVE! The ceremony started off with the groom singing a beautifully written song for his bride while she was walking up the hills in front of family and friends from abroad on zoom. It led to vow exchanges and some rituals from their cultures. It was a ceremony full of emotions and I lived for it! The bride was gorgeous! I never seen anyone rock that vintage head piece and I was livin for it! The grooms coral double breasted suit totally made him stand out and adding that pair together made it even more ICONIC!!

The Arastradero Preserve is located in Palo Alto, California and it’s a hidden gem! It was my first time here with my associate Andrew Salcadeo. He brought me to second shoot and I’m truly grateful for this opportunity.