Welcome future Graduates, I'm so happy that you're here!

Graduation pictures is such an amazing experience that allows you to reflect the years of hard work, growth, the fun and stressful times you have had.

I've been so lucky to capture over 500+ graduates these past 4 years! With my experience and knowledge in specializing in graduates, allow me help you capture these memories, where you, your family and future generations can look back on!

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Pricing Guide

1 hours $600 60 edited images

Solo Session

1.5 hours $850 70 edited images

2 hours $1100 100 edited images

1 hours $650 80 edited images

2 Grads

1.5 hours $890 100 edited images

2 hours $1130 120 edited images

1 hours $850 80 edited images

3 Grads

1.5 hours $1100 100 edited images

2 hours $1350 120 edited images

1 hours $740 80 edited images

4 Grads +

1.5 hours $1000 100 edited images

2 hours $1110 120 edited images

1 hours $750 50 edited images

Groups Only

1.5 hours $900 75 edited images

2 hours $1100 100 edited images

* The # of images are estimated minimum of images given per session. You may receive more than quoted :P

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Step 04

Secure your date!

Gallery Delivery

Let's Plan!

Picture Day!

Make sure you're all jazzed up and ready for a fun ass photo session! Remember to bring what you feel is needed from my custom PDF Grad guide! Don't be nervous! I'll be here to guide you!

You'll receive a link to your gallery within 2 weeks after your session date!

After the date/deposit is secured, you'll receive an email to you own private client portal! There you will get ALL the information that will help prepare you for the session.

Once you decide on which dates works best, contact me through the form below and we'll finalize the time and location. Secure the date with a 50% Non-Refundable deposit thru Venmo/Zelle.

Submitting Form Below

Responses will be within 2-3 days max, if you dont hear back from me, please check your spam folders!

Send me a email @ info@victorioli.com or IG @victoriojli

Let's do this!

Please fill this out to book a time with me! OR feel free to DM me on IG @ VICTORIOJLI !

Graduation is just around the corner! I can't wait to meet you! Let's create some magical memories together! Check out the FAQ below!




How many locations do we cover? Can I pick the locations?

1 hour session: 2-3 locations

1.5 hour session: 3-4 locations

2 hours session: 4-5 locations

If you want to do campus + off campus there will be an extra fee.

You may pick the locations and I will give you my honest opinions if those locations can work due to lighting concerns.



Yes! You will get solo shots and group shots.

Do we get solo pictures when we book a group session?



During the session, I would typically show you the shots that I take and get feedback on which photos you like. Generally my clients trust me and my vision to pick the best ones that truly represent you! TRUST ME, I wanna make sure you look FINE AF! I don't ever want to deliver shitty pics of you!

Do I get to pick the Images?



Solo sessions: you are allowed to bring a max of 3 friends for free at the LAST location of the session. $50 fee will occur if more than 3 friends attend.

Family are allowed to join at no cost for a few group photos.

Group sessions: Unlimited amount of friends and family for $50. Note that less solo shots may be given.

Can I bring family/friends along for the session? Do they cost extra?



Do I get to keep the raw ( unedited ) files?

Unfortunately no, BUT you may purchase them !

Usually photographers don't give out the files because we edit to ensure consistency in the colors, brightness, and mood. But you may purchase them at the cost of $100 per person.

Group sessions are $100.



What is your turn around time?

My turn around for graduation photos is a 2 weeks! I make sure to properly edit each photo and not just slap on a preset and go.



My main priority is to celebrate and showcase you! I can't photoshop you to make you look skinner or taller, nor remove your double chin. I won't photoshop anything that changes your identity. But what I do photoshop is any blemishes, and acne spots. I will adjust the angles if body image is a concern, please let me know in advance and I can work on poses to show your best figure.

Do you photoshop your clients?



These are YOUR photos! You can download them, print them, use it for any personal purposes.

What rights do we have?



What if the weather is bad?

If it rains, snows, or hail, we will definitely reschedule for another time with no reschedule fee.

If it's foggy, windy or too sunny, I'm afraid we can't. We will opt for more indoor locations if it's windy. If you still choose to reschedule it will be a $75 fee.



Heck Ya!! Feel free to hit me up anytime with questions or concerns! If you need help on fashion advice, props, and ideas you have feel free to come my way!

Can I contact you with questions prior the shoot?



Can I bring my pets!?

OF COURSE YOU CAN! We love our furry friends! No extra cost.



Do you provide props?

I don't but I will provide you a Grad Guide that will give you a list of recommend props to bring for the session!