September 24, 2020

Marin Headlands | Two Boys In Love

Dear Diary,

Rodolfo and Sam are two boys that I knew through Instagram! We did a couples session at one of my favorite spots in the Marin Headlands. One thing I always ask is ” What’s your story?” And here’s what I learned…

These two met the millennial way, by sliding in the DM’s as people call it nowadays. Sam slid into Rodolfo’s DM and the rest was history. One thing I admired the most was their long-distance relationship together. Sam is in Dental school in Southern California and Rodolfo is in the Bay Area for school.

I’ve done some long-distance relationships myself and oh boy they aren’t easy at all! I asked them how they made it work! Sam drives up to NorCal a few times a month and they make sure are in communication when they are apart! Relationships in general aren’t an easy thing, especially when you can be 300+ miles apart. But I’m happy these two are making it work!

Marin Headlands is such a pretty place especially being by the Golden Gate Bridge! I’m all about capturing all the raw emotions two people have together. Honestly, I’ll just let the photos speak for themselves! Enjoy!