March 2, 2021

Mount Tam | Dreamy Engagement Session

Dear Diary,

Let me tell you something I learned about these two lovers. They met on a trip when they both were in Europe and the rest was somewhat history!

But in all seriousness, Mount Tam never ceases to amaze me! I am a frequent visitor here and every time I visit I discover a new spot for beautiful pictures! Days prior to their session, I went location scouting for a new spot that I’ve never been before that also fitted what their vision was. Grace told me she wanted water, trees, and hills of green. I told her no problem at all and I was in search of the perfect spot!

These two reached out to me because they found me through a mutual on Instagram. To fully connect with my clients, I send out a questionnaire and one of the questions I ask every time is: Which aspect of my art do you like the most? And Grace said ” We love your photography as it shows the raw and organic features of the people you shoot. We wanted someone to capture the candid moments and not the “perfect” shot as reality says otherwise.” Raw and organic features is what I set out to do every time with all my couples. Even though I see myself as a perfectionist, life isn’t perfect, neither does every picture. Pictures itself tell us a story of the love that each couples have for each other. They have a special bond that set them apart from others.

How do you get couples to be raw and organic Victorio? It’s not as hard as you think! When your at a session with me, I try not to make this seem like a transactional deal where you’re paying me to take pictures of you and we go our separate ways! I am here to provide you an experience that will bring out you and your partner memories, joy and a roller coaster of emotions. Doing a photo session is somewhat a special event in your life. You’re here to celebrate a moment together. You both have gotten to this moment and its amazing. This session is to help you reflect all the ups and downs you have had together to get to this point! I will guide you in that experience through questions and prompts that will make our photos raw and organic. I won’t be micro managing and making you pose uncomfortably. You will have each other to talk to and have fun with. Im just a friend with a camera tagging along!

Back to these two! Congratulations Grace and Lucas! Wishing you both a life time of adventures and happiness!